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Working With the Elderly & Their Families

Most clinicians see some elderly patients and/or work with their adult children. This workshop is appropriate for therapists and other mental health clinicians of all professions in all settings, and for clinical graduate students.


  I.  Ethical & Legal Considerations

Ethics Codes & Other Professional Guidelines

Licensing Board Standards

Competency of Clinician to Provide Treatment

Competency of Patient to Consent to Treatment

 II.  Practical & Clinical Considerations

Therapists’ Own Issues:

Personal Issues With Grief; Dying; Sex


What Should Therapists Know?

Patient Diagnostics:

Geriatric Mood Assessment

Mini Mental Status Exam

Pleasant Events Schedule

Differentiating Pseudodementia from Dementia

Differentiating Normal Grief from Depression

Altzheimer’s Disease:  Ten Warning Signs

           “Dicey Dilemmas”          

 III.  Resources