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What Must I “Unlearn” ?

We will spend time considering whether there are some things we might need to “unlearn” as we continue our professional development.  What might be the ethical implications of holding onto things learned in graduate school that are now obsolete — or “professional habits” that are no longer adaptive — or things that worked elsewhere but may be inappropriate with our current clients, supervisees, or colleagues.

1. Professional Information Learned Early but Now Obsolete

Ethical Standards
Laws & Regulations
Professional Research Information
Clinical Advice

2. Things Required in Previous Settings that No Longer “Fit” My Work

Ways of Beginning and Ending Professional Relationships
Sharing of Patient Information with Workplace Colleagues
Patient Forms
Record Keeping Styles
Length of Sessions
Patient Caseload
Boundaries (or lack thereof) in Patient Relationships

 3. Things Learned in my Family of Origin that are Incompatible with My Work

Rules of Behavior
Forms of Speech (e.g., forms of address; insensitive words; ethnic slurs)
Styles of Dress
Personal Habits (e.g., about schedules, meeting places, forms of contact)

 4. Things Learned from Colleagues that May be Inaccurate

Ethical Advice
Information About Legal Requirements
Professional Research Information
Clinical Advice – “Received Wisdom”

Learning Goals:
1. Name some things that I need to “unlearn.”
2. Describe how those affect me in my professional relationships.
3. Indicate how I can make changes appropriate to my current work and setting.