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Trying On New Hats

Exploring Some Ethical & Professional Implications of
Available Roles for Mental Health Professionals

Our professions, and others in the marketplace, are encouraging us to explore new ways of using our clinical skills — new roles, populations, & venues.  We will explore some of the new forensic-related roles, technology-assisted roles, and innovative interventions.  What are some of the ethical and legal implications of the roles now suggested to mental health professionals?  How will we decide whether and how to acept them?


Which Professional “Hats” Are Now Available?
How Can You Decide Whether You Want to Wear Them?

I.  Roles for Mental Health Professionals

A. Forensic-Related Roles

Serving as “Collaborative Divorce Coach”

Serving as Court-Ordered “Parenting Coordinator”

Providing Court-Ordered Co-Parenting Sessions in Custody Cases

Providing Court-Ordered Therapy or Other Services

B. Technology-Related Roles: Providing Services Via Internet or Email





C. Intervention-Related Roles

Considering New Intervention Modalities

Adopting New Clinical Specialties

Learning New Assessment Tools

Exploring Possible New Settings for Providing Services

Creating Opportunities for Professional Collaborations

II. What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of These Roles?

A. Ethical Pitfalls

B. Potential Legal Complications

C. Professional Implications

D. Financial Implications

E. Personal Implications

III. What Competencies Are Required?

IV. What About Training?

A. What Specialized Training Might Be Required for Each Role?

B. Is Such Training Available?

V. What Consultation & Support is Available to Those Taking On New Role(s)?

VI. What Are the Ethical/Professional/Personal Implications Of Your Choices?

This workshop addresses questions such as these:
a. Give examples of some of the new professional roles that are available to mental health professionals.
b. Indicate the training or experience necessary for fulfilling each of those roles.
c. State whether any of these new roles interest you personally.
d. Indicate the reasons why you will — or will not — try to undertake each of those roles yourself.