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Informed Consent Revisited

Integrating the APA Ethics Code, Virginia Law & HIPAA

This workshop for psychologists reviews the informed consent requirements in the 2002 APA Ethics Code, Virginia law, and federal HIPAA regulations.  After providing a framework for integrating them, clinical vignettes illustrate how informed consent requirements might apply in different types of cases.


  I.   Informed Consent: The Ethical, Legal, Clinical, & Practical Implications

 II.  Ethical and Professional Requirements About Informing Prospective Clients

A.  APA Ethics Code (2002)

B.  Other Professional Guidelines

 III.  Legal Requirements

A.  Virginia

Regulatory Law: Virginia Board of Psychology Standards of Practice

Statutory Law:  §32.1-127.1:03;   §54.1-2400.4

Case Law:  Patricia Curtis vs Fairfax Hospital

B.  Federal

Regulatory Law:  HIPAA Regulations (DHHS)

 IV.  Integrating Ethical and Legal Requirements into a Coherent Intake Process

  V.  Informed Consent as an Ongoing Process