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Recognizing the Ethical Challenges In Your Own Setting


Physical Setting

Challenges to Privacy

Limitations to Your Safety

Limitations to Client Safety

Colleague Behavior

Colleague Conversations with You

Colleague Interactions with Clients

Colleague Interactions with Staff

Staff Behavior

Staff Interactions with Clients

Staff Conversations about Clients

Staff Lapses about Privacy and Confidentiality

Client Behavior

Client Interactions with Other Clients

Client Waiting Room Behavior/ Interactions with Staff

Therapy Room Behavior

Your Interactions With Colleagues & Staff

Privacy & Confidentiality Issues

Other Ethical Issues

Ethical Complications in Your Clinical Cases

Informed Consent


Multiple Relationships

Confidentiality Issues

Ethical/Legal Conflicts

Ethical Issues Arising in Your Business Practices

Forms & Record Keeping

Email, Texting, FAX, & Other Electronic Transmissions


Billing & Collections


Social Media

Competency Issues, Burnout, Overwork

1. Name potential ethical issues that might be created by your own practice setting.
2. List possible changes or solutions.
3. Describe the supports you need for making such changes.