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Reaching For The Ethical Ceiling

This workshop focuses not on the “ethical floor,” as defined by the ethical mandates in each profession’s ethics code, but instead on the “ethical ceiling” as defined by individual mental health professionals.  Discussion will include issues such as how personal values fit into the ethical equation; ethical options if one’s personal values conflict with formal ethical standards; and ways of defining and striving toward one’s personal “ethical ceiling” as a mental health professional.


Settling For the “Ethical Floor”  vs.  Striving for the “Ethical Ceiling”

I.  Personal Values

 A.  Acknowledging  The Personal Values We Bring to Our Roles

 B. Clarifying the Relationship Between Personal Values & Professional  Ethical Standards

 C. How Well Do Our Personal Values Fit Into the Ethical Equation?

  II. Professional Ethics Codes – The “Ethical Floor”

 A. Exactly What Does My Own Profession Actually Require ?  

 B. Are These Requirements Consistent With My Personal Values?

1. How  Might These Exceed My Personal Standards?

2. How Might These Fall Short of my Personal Standards?

 C. What If My Own Values Conflict With Professional Standards?

 III. Supererogatory Duties – My “Ethical Ceiling”

 A.  What If My Own Values Imply “Higher” Professional Standards?

 B.  Can I Clearly Describe The “Ethical Ceiling” To Which I Aspire?

This workshop addresses questions such as these:
Am I clear about the Ethical Standards that define the “ethical floor” for my profession?
Do I have some personal values that demand behavior “higher” than my profession’s ethics code ? 
How do these personal values fit into the ethical equation?
How might I define the “ethical ceiling” to which I want to aspire?