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Providing Ethical/Legal Training For Non-Clinical Staffin Virginia Mental Health Settings

With Access to Patients and Their Data, What Should Employees Be Taught?

Offered by popular demand, this workshop is appropriate for clinicians, as well as for their employees, supervisees, and contracted agents.  (Fee is discounted if employer and employee attend together.) Employee training rarely includes formal discussion of professional ethics. Yet, clinicians are ethically and legally responsible for the actions of their staff.  HIPAA now requires “workforce training” about how to protect patients’ privacy/confidentiality rights as legally defined by HIPAA.  We recommend a broader ethical/legal training for all non-clinical personnel with access to patients and their data (and for clinical supervisees, students, interns, and volunteers), in order to better protect patients’ rights as ethically defined by our professions. Participants leave with a sample staff-training manual, on paper and on CD. 


I. What Should Your Employees/Agents Know?

A. About Confidentiality Ethics and Privacy Laws

B. About Ethics-Based Office Policies/Procedures

C. About Ethical Implications of Actions Elsewhere

II. Are Your Expectations Clear?

III. Sample Contents of A Staff Training Manual

A. General Office Protocol

1. Establishing Appropriate Atmosphere

2. Responding to Difficult Patient Situations

3. Answering Patient Questions

B. Patient Privacy & Confidentiality

1. Ethical & Legal Requirements

2. Consequences of Unauthorized Disclosure

3. Computer/FAX Security

4. Telephone Policy & Protocol

C. Ethical Issues in Billing Patient &/or Others

D. Other Issues With Ethical Implications

1. Boundaries

2. Dual Relationships

3. Remaining Within Limits of Job Description

4. Monitoring

IV. Who Will Take Responsibility?

A. Who Will Provide the Training?

B. Who Will Write & Administer the Test?

C. Who Will Monitor for OngoingTraining/Update Needs

V. Can You Pool Resources?