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Professional Ethics: Two Developmental Perspectives

How have our professions’ Ethical Standards changed across time?
How have we reacted to those changes?
How does our personal and professional development affect the ways we approach ethical issues or change the types of ethical dilemmas we are more likely to notice, encounter, or create?


I. The Development of Ethics Codes for the Mental Health Professions

Early Ethics Codes

Patterns of Change

II. Ethical Developments Within the Mental Health Professions

New Ethical Issues Raised by Increasing Legal Demands

New Emphasis on The Ethical Importance of Informed Consent

Ethical Issues Raised by Managed Care

Diversity as an Ethical Issue

III. Stages of Personal Ethical Development and Their Ethical/Moral Tasks

IV. Stages of Professional Development and Their Ethical Pitfalls

Training and Early Career


Later Career

V. Implications for Training, for Professional Practice, and for Supervision

Educational Goals:
a. Describe the development of ethical standards within the mental health professions;
b. Describe how my own personal development has affected my professional development;
c. Describe ethical issues most likely to arise at this stage of my professional career.