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If Only I Had Known!

We say this when dealing with an outcome we could have avoided
if we had sought more information, been more forethoughtful, or consulted before acting.
Dr. Fisher will share examples of such situations from her own practice and elsewhere,
in the hope that this will help others be better prepared.
Attendees are invited to add to the agenda by
sharing examples of things they “learned the hard way.”

What Do You Wish You Had Known About …….

The ethics of beginning a therapy relationship

The ethics of ending a therapy relationship

What to to tell minors about confidentiality

What to tell couples about confidentiality 

How to start a practice and run a business

The ethical difference between “legally-required” and “legally-allowed” disclosures

What to do first if you receive a subpoena

Whether or not to keep “psychotherapy notes” 

What legal options are available if a patient threatens to harm someone else

Whether you have any legal obligations if a patient threatens suicide

How to turn down a gift from a patient

The importance of having a confidentiality contract with those who work for you


Educational Goals:

1. List some examples of clinical circumstances in which you were not well prepared.

2. Describe the potential impact on patients or risks to you in those situations.

3. State what you now know that would lead you to handle the situation differently