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HIPAA, Ethics Codes, & Virginia Law:How Do They Really Fit Together?

When it comes to privacy and confidentiality, how well do our legal requirements  (Virginia state laws and regulations, or federal HIPAA regulations) fit together with the Ethical Standards of our own profession?  How can we integrate these overlapping requirements?  If they impose conflicting  obligations, what do our Ethics Codes say about how we can resolve the ethical/legal conflict?   NOTE:  This workshop is not designed to serve as a substitute for formal HIPAA training.


I. Relationship Between Ethics and Laws

II. Relationship Between/Among Types of Laws

A. Virginia Regulatory Law

Licensing Board Practice Standards

State Agency Regulations

B. Virginia Statutory Law

Statutes Protecting Confidentiality of Records

Statutes Limiting Confidentiality of Records

C. Federal Regulatory Law

HIPAA Regulations

D. Federal Statutory Law

III. Privacy/Confidentiality/Disclosure

A. According to Ethics Codes

B. According to Virginia Law

C. According to HIPAA

IV. Ethical Model For Integrating Ethics Codes, Va. Law, & HIPAA

*NOTE: This workshop is designed to help clinicians integrate Ethical Standards, Virginia Laws, and HIPAA in those areas where their requirements overlap. It is not intended to serve as a substitute for formal HIPAA training.