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Money Matters (6 Hour Workshop)

Ethical, Professional & Business Aspects of Running an Independent Practice

This all-day workshop first covers ethical, legal, & personal issues that can affect business decisions, then provides a process for clarifying & expanding your own business plans.  [NOTE: CE Credits are offered only for the morning portion of the workshop.]

Part I (Morning)
Ethical, Legal & Personal Implications of Your Financial Decisions
Mary Alice Fisher, Ph.D. & Joyce McCusty, LCSW

  I.  Ethical Standards, Legal Regulations & Contracts Affecting Financial Decisions

A. Fees

B. Billing

C. Insurance

D. Managed Care

E. Collections

 II.  Personal Money Issues That Can Cloud Business Decisions

III.  Weighing the Ethical & Legal Implications of Your Own Financial Policies

IV.  Developing Ethical Policies vs. “Following the Crowd”

V.  “Speaking of Money…..” – Explaining Your Policies to Clients (Informed Consent)

Part II (Afternoon)
Re-Inventing Your Practice as a Business:  A Step-By-Step Guide
Lou Perrott, Ph.D.

 I. Introduction:  Matters of Ethics, Business, Morality, Greed, and Altruism

II. Establishing a Pro-Business Mindset While Maintaining Professional Standards

A. The Fundamental Law of Accounting 101

B. Marketing Matters

III. The Four P’s, One at a Time, and Slowly Considered

A. Products

B. Pricing

C. Place

D. Promotions

IV. Forming a Business Plan:  Planning to Profit While Running Your Business Ethically