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Ethical Planning & Decision Making

Anticipating & Responding to Ethical Dilemmas

A workshop about facing the problematic ethical aspects of clinical practice, reducing the risks to patient and clinician by avoiding the avoidables, and using an Ethical Decision-Making Model to resolve the unavoidables !



A. Predicting the Problematic Areas of Clinical Practice

B. Avoiding Some “Avoidable” Ethical Dilemmas

1. Bad Beginnings

Insufficiently Informed Consent to Treatment

Impossible Promises

2. Privacy & Confidentiality Lapses

Unclear/Inadequate Policies/Procedures

Unethical Practices & Voluntary Overdisclosures

3. Unethical Relationshp Decisions

Problematic Roles (Which Hats Can You Safely Wear?)

Duel Relationships (How Many Hats Can You Wear At Once?

Fuzzy Boundaries (Where Must You Draw the Line?)

4. Unnecessary Court Involvement; Inappropriate Legal Roles

5. “Avoidable” Bad Endings

C. Preparing for “Unavoidable” Dilemmas


A. Adopting An Ethics-Based Decision-Making Model

1. Treating Ethical Decision Making As a Formal Process

2. Choosing a “Ready-Made” Model From Your Profession

3. Devising an Ethics-Based Model of Your Own

B. Applying Your Ethical Model to Specific Situations

1. Facing Difficult Decisions

2. Responding to Consultation Requests from Peers

3. Training Students & Supervisees

4. Explaining Decisions to Patients and Others