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Sample Checklist – Documentation of Staff Training


This is to confirm that _______________________________________, an employee [staff member/volunteer/clinical student/etc.] in this office, has completed training in the following areas, including those required by the U. S. Department of Human Services under the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) :

___ Protecting Patient Privacy & Confidentiality  
  ___ A. Understanding The Ethical & Legal Standards  
    1. Ethical Rules About Confidentiality & Informed Consent
2. Legal Rules About Confidentiality & Informed Consent
3. Consequences of Unethical &/or Illegal Disclosures
  ___ B. Following Office Policies About Privacy & Confidentiality  
    1. Protecting Patient’s Right to Privacy While In Our Office
2. Protecting Patient’s Right to Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure)
3. Signing the Employee Confidentiality Contract
  ___ C. HIPAA Privacy, Security, & Transmission Rules (if applicable)  
___ Billing Patients and/or Third Parties for Reimbursement  
  ___ A. Ethical & Legal Requirements/Limitations  
    1. Accuracy of Information Provided (Avoiding Insurance Fraud)
2. Care in Transmission (HIPAA re FAXing, etc.).
3. Limitations Imposed by Provider Contracts
  ___ B. Policies re: Electronic Transmission of Claims & Treatment Plans  
___ Other Policies & Procedures  
  ___ A. Maintaining Boundaries & Avoiding Dual Relationships
___ B. Operating Within Specified Job Description
___ C. Monitoring

___ [if appropriate] The training completed on __________________ (date) included a test on the HIPAA-required training about confidentiality and privacy issues. This person passed that test. Training will be updated as appropriate.
Signed:______________________________________________________ Date:

*Note: This documents the broad ethics-based training that combines the HIPAA-required topics of privacy and confidentiality with other ethical topics, as summarized in our ethics-based staff training manuals [1]