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Online Resources


1. Ethics Codes

Counselors: ACA: http://www.counseling.org/Resources/aca-code-of-ethics.pdf [1]

Marriage & Family Therapists: AAMFT: https://www.aamft.org/imis15/content/legal_ethics/code_of_ethics.aspx [2]

Psychologists: APA:  http://www.apa.org/ethics/code/index.aspx [3]

Forensic Psychologists: Specialty Guidelines
https://www.apa.org/practice/guidelines/forensic-psychology.aspx [4]

School Psychologists: NASP Principles for Professional Ethics
http://www.nasponline.org/standards/2010standards/1_%20Ethical%20Principles.pdf [5]

Social Workers: NASW: http://www.socialworkers.org/pubs/code/code.asp [6]

2. Virginia Statutes & Regulations:

Virginia Legal Code: http://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode [7]

Virginia Licensing Board Standards: http://www.dhp.virginia.gov/Boards/ [8]

Virginia Laws Affecting Confidentiality:  https://centerforethicalpractice.org/virginia-confidentiality [9]

Virginia Reporting Laws: http://www.centerforethicalpractice.org/virginia_reporting_laws [10]

3. Practice Resources on Center for Ethical Practices Website

https://www.centerforethicalpractice.org/practice-resources/ [11]   and
https://www.centerforethicalpractice.org/ethical-legal-resources/ [12]

HIPAA “Final Rule” – http://www.centerforethicalpractice.org/ethical-legal-resources/virginia-legal-information/ [21]

4. RESOURCES by Mary Alice Fisher, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Fisher, M.A. (2016). Confidentiality Limits in Psychotherapy: ü   Ethics Checklists for Mental Health Professionals. Washington D.C., American Psychological Association.  ISBN 13: 978-1433821899

[Book Reviews:  http://www.centerforethicalpractice.org/book_reviews [23]  ]

Books & Manuals with Homestudy CE credits available online
https://www.centerforethicalpractice.org/ce-home-study/home-study-manuals-tests/ [24]

Fisher, M.A. (2016 & 2018).  Ethics-Based Training for Non-Clinical Staff in Mental Health Settings. [Available in 2018 Virginia Edition and 2016 National Edition]  Center for Ethical Practice.

Fisher, M.A. (2014). Can You Keep A Secret?  Patient Confidentiality and its Limits in Virginia:  An Ethical/Legal Handbook for Mental Health Professionals. (7th Edition) Center for Ethical Practice.

Fisher, M.A. (2013). The Ethics of Conditional Confidentiality: A Practice Model for Mental Health Professionals. New York: Oxford University Press.

CE Courses Online
https://www.centerforethicalpractice.org/ce-online-courses/ethics-courses [25]

Course #1 – Ethics Training in Mental Health Settings: What Do Non-Clinical Staff Need to Know?  – 2 CE Credit Hours – (14 test items)

Course #2 – Are Psychotherapists Really “Informants”? The Ethical Implications of Disclosing Confidential Information – 2 CE Credit Hours – (14 test items)

Course #3 – Why “Who is the Client?” Can Be the Wrong Ethical Question – 2 CE Credit Hours – (14 test items)

Course #4 – Beginnings and Endings in Therapy: Avoiding Some of the Ethical Pitfalls – 3 CE Credit Hours – (22 test items)

Course #5: Ethical Consequences of Role Confusion in Court-Related Cases – 4 CE Credit Hours – (25 test items)

NEW! Course #6: Peer Consultation: Paying Attention to the Ethical Issues – 3 CE Credit Hours – 22 Test Items

Upcoming Course Topics:
Ethical Implications of Role Confusion in Court-Related Cases
Ethical Considerations When Closing or Relocating a Psychotherapy Practice

Upcoming Webinars:  Topics to be Announced