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More Forms & Resources Online – Links

I. Informed Consent Resources

A. Informed Consent Forms: Ken Pope Website http://kspope.com/ [1]

Index of Forms: http://kspope.com/consent/index.php [1]

B. Informed Consent Contracts: APA Insurance Trust: http://www.apait.org [2]

Forms below (in WORD or PDF) at http://www.apait.org/apait/download.aspx [3]

Sample Informed Consent (Psychotherapy) Contract
Sample Forensic Psychotherapist-Patient Contract
Sample Child Therapy Contracts
Sample Coaching Contract

Sample Outpatient Services Agreement for Collaterals:
https://www.trustinsurance.com/resources/download-documents [4]

C. Contract: Fee Agreement For Working with Attorney(s) on Forensic Case: http://www.drlaurabrown.com/doc/FeeAgreementForAttorneys.pdf [5]

II. Record Keeping Resources from National Professional Associations [6]

III. For Psychologists: Links To APA Resources Online [7]

IV. For HIPAA compliance: Links to HIPAA Resources Online [8]

V. Ethics Codes of Professions & Sub-Specialties: http://kspope.com/ethcodes/index.php [9]