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Informed Consent Discussions in Group Therapy

  A. Informed Consent Topics To Cover in Forming Group:
    1. Provide same basic information as to individual clients (see chart [1])
      Limits of confidentiality (i.e., when you might disclose w/o consent)
Nature, purpose, and anticipated course of services
Fees and billing arrangements
Client’s right to refuse services
Involvement of any outside party (e.g., court, DSS, etc.)
    2. Clarify your role(s)
      Within group, is your role exactly the same with each person?
Do you have outside roles with some members, not others?
    3. Clarify your rules for communications outside group meetings
      Your confidentiality/disclosure rules if contacted outside
Your confidentiality/disclosure rules if individual therapist to some
Participants’ rules for outside contact/disclosures/discussions
Rules about confidentiality after group ends
    4. Are there potential conflicts of interest?

5. HIPAA “Notice of Privacy Practices” about access to records.

  B. Re-Opening The Informed-Consent Discussion:
    1. Whenever a new member enters the group.

2. Whenever a group member raises questions about the above topics.

3. Whenever group dynamics create need to re-state the “rules.”