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Ethical Issues in Assessment

For mental health professionals who provide assessment services, there are some specific ethical considerations.  This is true whether they are in a private practice, in an agency or school setting, or within a forensic setting.


1.  Ethical Standards

 2.  Competence – Acquiring It & Maintaining It

Personal Competence

Professional Competence

Using Up-to-Date Tests & Methods

 3. Informing Patients/Clients & Obtaining Consent

Informing About Nature & Purpose of the Assessment

Informing About Confidentiality Limits & Potential Disclosures

Informing About Fees/Payment

Informing About any Third Party Involvement

 4. Providing Accurate and Adequate Feedback

 5. Providing Access to Test Reports & Data

By Patient/Client

By Others

6. Other Ethical Issues in Assessment

Online Assessments

Automated Tests & Computerized Scoring

Third Party Referrals and/or Contracts

Security of Test Materials

Potential for Harm

1. Describe the Ethical Standards that especially apply in assessment cases.
2. List the essential components of informed consent discussions in assessment cases.
3. Name three potential ethical pitfalls in conducting assessments.
4. Use clinical vignettes to review ways of avoiding those pitfalls when possible