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Confidentiality Ethics: What Do We Need to Know? Whom Do We Need to Tell?

This workshop includes a brief review of what “Confidentiality Ethics” requires us to know; but it is mostly about what we should be trying to DO with what we know. Beyond protecting the confidences of patients/clients, what other ethical, legal, clinical, and practical steps will help us carry out our broader professional obligations about confidentiality?


I. Why Explain Confidentiality Ethics to Others?

A. Ethical & Legal Obligations About Explaining Confidentiality Limits to Patients

B. Ethical & Legal Obligations About Training Staff

C. Ethical Obligations About Educating Students/Supervisees

D. Clinical Need to Explain to Colleagues

E. Clinical Importance of Explaining to “Collaterals”

F. Legal Need to Explain to Attorneys, Judges

G. Practical Need to Explain to Third Party Payers

H. Practical Need to Explain to Referral Sources

I. Societal Need for Expanding Public Awareness

J. Maintaining Professional Credibility

II. What Must We Understand & Explain?

A. What is the “Confidentiality Rule” REALLY?

D. What are the “Ethically-Allowed Exceptions” to the Confidentiality Rule?

B. What is the Difference Between Ethical Rules & Legal Rules?

C. Do Special Rules Apply in Some Settings?

E. Can Rules About Confidentiality Differ Across Settings?

F. Can Each Setting Have Different Exceptions to the Rule?

III. How To Begin: Topics for Conversation

A. Conversations Toward Self-Understanding

B. Conversations Creating Support Networks

C. Conversations Creating Ethics-Based Training

D. Conversations For Public Education/Lobbying