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Clarifying Our Ethical Responsibilities in Multi-Client and Agency-Referred Cases

Why Is “Who is the Client” the Wrong Ethical Question?
What Ethical Question Should We Ask Instead?

We are often advised to ask “Who is the client?” when determining our role or clarifying our confidentiality rules in cases involving multiple clients or agency referrals. But that question implies a singular answer, and that can  create more problems than it solves!  “Who is the client?” may be a required reimbursement question; and it is sometimes a helpful clinical question; but as an ethical question, it can lead us astray.

(This workshop is based on Dr. Fisher’s article, which is available on this website [1]or as published below:
Fisher, M.A. (2009).  Replacing “Who is the client” with a different ethical question.  Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 40 (1), 1-7.)