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What Hat(s) Are You Wearing? Ethical Consequences of Role Confusion in Court-Related Cases

Date - Monday, December 14, 2020
1:00 pm EST - 3:00 pm EST

Zoom Interactive Webinar [1]

CE Credits: 2
Price: $ 50

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What Hat(s) Are You Wearing?
Ethical Consequences of Role Confusion in Court-Related Cases:

A ZOOM Interactive Workshop led by Mary Alice Fisher, Ph.D.
What are the implications of our confusion about our different roles in court cases?
Are we participating voluntarily or “involuntarily?”  What are the ethical, legal, and clinical impacts?
What are the potential effects on the perceptions of our roles by attorneys, judges, and the public?



Introduction:  Are You Clear About Your Role?

I. Possible Roles of Mental Health Professionals in Court-Related Cases

    A. Voluntary Roles
    B. “Involuntary” Roles

II. Ethical Standards, Guidelines, & Professional Advice about Court-Related Roles             

III. Responding Ethically to Legal Demands

     A. Responding to “Informal” Legal Demands (§ 8.01-399)
     B. Professional Recommendations about Responding to Subpoenas vs. Court Orders
     C. Responding to Record Requests in Multi-Client Cases
     D. Providing Deposition or Courtroom Testimony

V. Implications of Role Confusion & Role Conflicts

     A. Ethical Implications
     B. Legal and Risk-Management Considerations
     C. Clinical Implications
     D. Creating Impressions that Confuse Attorneys, Judges, & the Public


Learning Objectives:

  1. List some of the possible “voluntary” or “involuntary” roles you might play in a court case.
  2. Name two possible consequences of role confusion in a court case.
  3. Explain how you might be able to avoid role confusion.


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