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On-site CE Training

The Center for Ethical Practice provides continuing education (CE) training for mental health service providers of all professions on topics related to ethical and ethical/legal issues.

We are now scheduling some fall and winter ZOOM workshops (or other types of interactive “distance” webinars) for CE Credits.  For the purpose of license renewal, these “interactive electronic workshops” usually qualify as “in-person” workshops, because participants will be able to ask questions and participate in the discussion.

The fees for on-site CE worshops are $50 per person for a 2-hour webinar and $75 per person for a 3-hour webinar, with a minimum of $500 per webinar.

Just like the Center’s “live” on-site workshops before COVID-19, these workshops are available for specially organized groups of participants.  Your group workshop can be scheduled  by:

The main qualification will be a willingness to appoint an “administrator” for ZOOM (or for your own interactive distance platform),  who will take responsibility for organizing the group, signing a Center contract on behalf of the group. working with Dr. Fisher to select a training topic, monitoring attendance, etc.  (For a complete list of administrator responsibilities, you can visit the “Zoom Administration” [1] page on this website.)

In the foreseeable future, we are not planning to provide one of our popular hotel-based workshops until restrictions are lifted.  However, we are beginning to schedule general ZOOM interactive webinars for CE credits. (See our Upcoming Workshops [2] page.)  These should qualify as “in person” training as long as participants are allowed to make comments and ask questions.

Please do contact us if you would like to discuss possible details of organizing a “distance” workshop for CE credits presented just to your own group, using outlines tailored to your needs. Recently, popular topics have been “Practical Ethics: Recognizing the Ethical Dilemmas in Your Own Setting” and “If Only I Had Known!  Avoiding Ethical Surprises.” To plan a webinar workshop for your group, or to discuss other topic ideas, contact Mary Alice Fisher, Ph.D. by email at Fisher@virginia.edu [3] or by phone at her home office number, 434.979.5648.