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Where Are We Going Astray? Why?

Which practice areas create ethical or legal difficulties for mental health professionals?  Why?
What pressures lead us to make poor ethical decisions?
What can we do about it?


I.  Where Are We Making Problematic Decisions?

Beginnings: Informed Consent & Informed Refusal at Intake

Confidentiality & Disclosure

Dual/Multiple Relationships & Boundaries

Multi-Client Therapies & Custody Cases

Legal Contexts – Subpoenas, Courtroom Role Confusion, “Overdisclosure”

Managed Care & Other Third Party Payer Complications

Endings: Termination/”Abandonment”/Continuity of Care

 II.  Why?

Is the Ethical Path Not Visible Enough?

Are Our Rationalizations Working Too Well?

Are We Unaware of the Potential Harm to Clients?  Risks To Ourselves?

Are We “Following the Crowd” Instead of Making Our Own Decisions?

Are the Pressures Too Great?

Financial Pressures

Clinical Pressures

Peer Pressures

Personal Stressors


 III.  Can We Make Better Decisions? Whose Help Do We Need?