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Applying Virginia’s Legal Standards in Your Own Practice

This workshop is for Virginia psychologists.  It is based on an Ethical/Legal Practice Manual, written by Dr. Fisher and  published by the Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists (VACP),  which integrates the APA Ethics Code, Virginia Board of Psychology Practice Standards, Virginia Statutes, and Federal HIPAA Regulations.  (This website also contains an order form for the 2010 Edition of that Practice Manual.)



1.  Informed Consent (Virginia Practice Standard #11)
A. General Considerations
B. Replacing “Who Is The Client?” With A Different Ethical Question
C.  Informing Prospective Patients About Fees, and Billing Arrangements
D.  Informing Prospective Patients About Limits of Confidentiality
Preparing for Informed Consent Conversations About Your Own Practices
F  Special Considerations for Managed Care Providers  
2.  Confidentiality and Disclosure (Virginia Practice Standards #9, 11)
A.  Asking Basic Ethical and Legal Questions
B.  Understanding Some Important Distinctions
C.  Using an Ethical Practice Model to Protect Every Patient’s Rights
1.  Preparation
2.  Telling Patients the Truth “Up Front”
3.  Obtaining “Truly Informed Consent” Before Disclosing Voluntarily
4.  Responding Ethically to Legal Demands for Information
5.  Avoiding “Avoidable” Breaches of Confidentiality
D.  Required Staff Training About Confidentiality Required by HIPAA
3.  Recordkeeping (Virginia Practice Standard #13)
A.   Creating and Maintaining Records
B.   Disclosing and Disposing of Records
4. Dual Relationships, Conflicting Roles, & Conflicts of Interest
(Virginia Practice Standards #6,7,8)
A.  Concurrent Ethical and Legal Obligations
B.  Recognizing Dual Relationships and Conflicts of Interest
C.  Multi-Client Therapy: Potential Conflicts of Interest
D.  Wearing Too Many Hats in Therapy Room, Courtroom, and Elsewhere
E.  Role Conflicts: Avoiding When Possible
5.  Avoiding Rebates, or Remuneration for Referrals (Virginia Practice Standard #3
6.  Reporting Peer Misconduct (Virginia Practice Standard #15)
7.  Continuity of Care (Virginia Practice Standard #10)
A.  Ethical Considerations
B.  Practical Applications
C.  Special Considerations with Managed Care Patients
D.  Therapist-Initiated Terminations
E.  Creating a “Professional Will” or “Professional Advance Directive”
F.  Retiring or Closing a Practice